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    About us

    The best partner to promote customers’ enterprise value, Kunyue Logistics.

    Registered in Jiangsu Wuxi in 2007, Kunyue Logistics is a professional third-party logistics enterprise.
    Kunyue Logistics has affiliates in Shanghai, Northeast, North China, Central China, Northwest and South China.
    Kunyue Logistics is the international freight forwarding enterprise filed in Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, General Administration of Customs, Ministry of Transport and State Commodity Inspection Bureau, it is also the member of WCA (World Cargo Alliance).
    Kunyue Logistics owns operation qualities of NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier), customs broker, inspection, highway transportation and storage.
    After years of development, Kunyue Logistics has gradually formed the business development mode with the highway transportation, ocean transportation, airway transportation, storage and delivery and customs declaration and inspection as the basic service and the international purchasing, domestic trade feeder lines, multimodal transportation, dangerous goods transportation, project transportation, refrigerated transportation, customs affairs consulting, private goods, funds settlement, information management and exception handling as the special service.
    In the meantime, Kunyue Logistics has established the effective rapid response mechanism and designed the individualized product portfolio according to the service requirement of the customers to provide the most efficient solution for the customers.
    As a typical comprehensive logistics supplier, the services of Kunyue Logistics are professional and diversified. Kunyue Logistics shall ensure the reliability, trustworthiness, high quality and safety of “Kunyue service” and finally achieve the service commitment between the customer and us. Kunyue Logistics believes that keeping a good relationship with the customers is very important and is the foundation of mutual trust.
    Thus, Kunyue Logistics shall listen to the voices of each customer, continue to improve our service capability to provide better service for our customers.