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    Company events

    2021 ●   After the on-site inspection by Wuxi Customs Certification Expert Group, the company's customs declaration department and storage department obtained the customs AEO general certification enterprise certificate
    2018 ●   Company and the customs broker and warehouse one-time through the China Quality Certification Center's stringent examination of the international quality management system certification
    2016 ●   Establish the affiliates in North China and Northwest
    2015 ●   Become the member of WCA
    ●   Registered as NOVCC (MOC-NV 07447)after being approved by Ministry of Transportation of People’s Republic of China
    ●   Establish our own customs broker after being approved by General Administration of Customs of People’s Republic of China
    2014 ●   Establish the affiliates in Central China and Shanghai
    ●   Obtain the highway transportation operation permit and fully enter the domestic vehicle contract logistic industry
    2013 ●   Establish the storage and distribution center in Changchun China
    2012 ●   Purchase the office and move to the new address due to the requirement of business development
    2011 ●   Charter the pallets or cabins with a number of airline companies as the air transportation business is increasing
    2010 ●   The first warehouse covering more than 3,000 square meters in Wuxi New District is put into use
    2009 ●   Consolidate the traditional international freight forwarding business from 2008 to 2009,
    ●   Successfully expand the special business model of bulk items, dangerous goods and refrigerated goods
    2007 ●   Kunyue Logistics is established in Wuxi China, gets filed in Ministry of Commerce and carries out the international freight forwarding business