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    Talent strategy

    Kunyue Logistics expects to create the brilliant future along with you.
    Kunyue Logistics adheres to the talent development strategy of “People Oriented”, implements the strategic development objectives of different areas under the integrated planning, encourages the people with the performance culture, cultivates the people with management innovation, attracts the people with the principle of growing stronger and larger, trains the people with the principle of “Opening-up, coordination, responsibility sharing and high efficiency”, inspires the people with the platform and mechanism and requires the people with “passion, management innovation, outstanding performance and healthy regulation”. Over the years, Kunyue Logistics has accumulated and trained a number of excellent management talents, effectively guaranteed the “Morality first & Efficiency oriented” team construction and the realization of the strategic enterprise goals and promotes the continuous development of the enterprise.

    On the basis of the requirement of the future development goal, Kunyue Logistics shall adhere to the talent concept of “Knowing how to judge and use people, Promoting only the talents & respect the talents”, extensively absorb the excellent management talents from all walks of life, guarantee and promote the execution of the development strategy goal and establish a high-quality talent group in compliance with the first-class enterprise.

    Talent requirement On the basis of PROFE-LLENGE, PASSION and TEAMWORK, we shall seek the talents who own the
    regional professional knowledge, like the constant challenge and innovation and strive for the
    customers’satisfaction to realize their top value.

      Hire the employees who share
    the same Kunyue Logistics values,
    Cultivate the logistics experts in the
    organizational culture environment
    of “Customer Oriented”.
      The talents shall comply with
    Kunyue Logistics values and
    own the organizational capability,
    team coordination, passion,
    challenging spirit and the
    service attitude of “Customer Oriented”
      Provide the rewards according to the performances
    and continue to expand the rewarding mechanism.
    Encourage the employees to carry out
    the collaboration and self-development.

    Recruitment Procedures Kunyue Logistics shall often recruit new staff, skilled staff and overseas talents.


    Online Recruitment

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