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    Kunyue China

    Kunyue Logistics has established a number of business and service corporation networks in Mainland China, such as Wuxi, Shanghai, Wuhan, Xi’an, Tianjin and Changchun, which has basically covered the main ports and developed cities in China.

    Kunyue Logistics delivers the cargo to everywhere in China from Jiangsu Wuxi and Shanghai, furthermore, we provide extensive service to Hongkong, Taiwan and Macao. As the logistics partner to increase the value of the customers, Kunyue Logistics solemnly promises to be around you as always to provide better consulting service and distinctive transportation service for China Logistics, in this way, we believe Kunyue Logistics is able to win the long-term trust from the customers.



     Our Colleagues

    Sales Department
    Marketing Department
    David Ling  
    +86-510-818-19078 # 8013 +86-510-818-19078
    David.ling@kunyuelogistics.com Market@kunyuelogistics.com

    After-sales Department
    Custom Declaration Department
    Shawn shang  
    +86-510-818-19078 # 8020 +86-510-818-1978
    Shawn.shang@kunyuelogistics.com customs@kunyuelogistics.com

    Storage & Transportation Department
    Domestic Logistics Department
    Alan wang Jordan zhu
    +86-510-818-19078 +86-510-818-19078
    Alan.wang@kunyuelogistics.com Jordan.zhu@kunyuelogistics.com

    Human Resource Department
    Finance Department
    +86-510-818-19078 +86-510-818-19078
    HR@kunyuelogistics.com finance@kunyuelogistics.com