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    Air transportation

    Kunyue Logistics shall provide you with the high-speed and high-quality comprehensive air transportation service as always.


    Air transportation export service

    The air transportation service accepts the total package or subcontract of the customer business, designs and optimizes the whole-process program of the cross-border logistics, receives the cargo from the domestic consignor, handles the customs and inspection affairs, organizes the international transportation activities, distributes the cargo to the address designated by the overseas consignee, carries out the all-directional rapid response and low cost control on the cargo flow, document flow, information flow and fund flow in the logistic chain and meets all the requirement of the customers’ door-to-door one-stop cross-border comprehensive logistics.



    Air transportation import service

    Relying on the improved overseas network, Kunyue Logistics provides the total business package or subcontract of distributing the cargoes that are imported to China from all over the world to Chinese ports and delivering them to the address designated by the consignee. Adhering to the principle of safety, accuracy, promptness and low cost, Kunyue Logistics also provides the entire or segmented air transportation service including Ex-work and timely reflects the cargo flow, document flow, information flow and fund flow in the import transportation. Use air transportation for the Ex-work delivery, Kunyue Logistics shall provide the individualized service of order tracing from the place of dispatch, home delivery, packaging and port operations.
    As for the customers with special requirement, Kunyue Logistics shall provide the individualized service of picking-up from overseas, international air transportation, local operations and port customs clearance and domestic delivery, including the realization methods of specialist handling, special area storage and special team operations and communicate the relevant information to the customer in time.
    Kunyue Logistics owns the supervised warehouse and transportation vehicles whose management systems are in compliance with the requirement of the customs and provides the customers with the door-to-door one-stop comprehensive logistics service of the import & export cargo, such as Factory picking-up, international transportation, documents, customs affairs, storage, sorting, supervision and delivery.
    In the meantime, Kunyue Logistics owns a number of qualified and experienced personnel who are professional in customs clearance, inspection reporting, transportation and warehousing and provides the rapid customs transit, transportation and tracking service after combining with the advantage of the information system.

    Advantage of Kunyue Logistics air transportation service
    • ·   Relying on the complete network at home and abroad and the comprehensive advantages of the operation scope, the leading industrial position and the business platform, in the principle of the safety, accuracy, promptness and low cost, the airline products of Kunyue Logistics covers all the area in the world with various levels and strong market resource integration capability. Thus Kunyue Logistics is able to provide and guarantee the value service to meet various requirement of the customers in different levels.
      ·   Kunyue Logistics can coordinate with various customers and provide the whole-process services such as Ex-work pick-up, warehousing, cargo handling, labeling, packaging, stowage, concentrated transportation, customs clearance and inspections, supervision and the pick-up after the cargo arrives at the overseas discharging airport, customs clearance, warehousing, sorting, transferring and delivery.
      ·   Kunyue Logistics signs the relevant logistics and strategic corporation agreement and carries out the intimate corporation with most of the well-known international cargo airline companies.
      ·   Kunyue Logistics owns the airlines and overseas ground service network all over the world. There are enough supply of goods and stable shipping spaces in each season. The experienced personnel shall design the shipping line which is safe, rapid and economic in the shortest period of time and provide the efficient and real-time customer service for the cargo conditions in each period of time.