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    Ocean transportation

    Form parcels to cargo with complex shipping conditions,
    Kunyue Logistics shall provide the customers with the reliable service that is in compliance with various corresponding shipping requirement.


    Ocean transportation export service

    As Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier, Kunyue Logistics establishes the strong corporation relationship with the main large shipping companies to provide the competitive price and the ocean import and export logistic service which is fast, reliable and able to meet the different requirement of the customers.
    Kunyue Logistics not only delivers the medium and small-sized less-than containers and full containers, but also delivers the bulk cargo that can not be put in containers.
    Kunyue Logistics service project includes the comprehensive and systematic management on the whole process of ocean transportation from packaging in the factory, transportation, loading & unloading and warehousing.



    Ocean transportation import service

    Kunyue Logistics ocean transportation import service has the advantages of safety, accuracy, promptness and continuous cost optimization, provides the importers and traders with the total package or subcontract of the “door-to-door” transportation for the goods imported to China from all over the world and comprehensively, accurately and timely reflects the goods situation and customs clearance information during the transportation.
    Kunyue Logistics ocean transportation import service includes the “door-to-door” one-stop cross-border whole process comprehensive logistics service such as the overseas factory or warehouse pick-up, customs clearance document operation and management, container deployment, concentrated transportation and the whole container pick-up as soon as the goods arrive in Chinese port, the bonded warehouse, container arrangement, customs clearance and inspection, warehouse value-added service and transferred distribution.

    Advantage of Kunyue Logistics ocean transportation service

    • ·   Relying on the dual identity of public booking platform and non-vessel operation carrier and with the advantages of comprehensive service, high quality, promptness and low cost, Kunyue Logistics international ocean export service accepts the demands of different customers, undertakes the full logistic chain resource integration, program design and operation execution of the total transportation or partial transportation, picks up the goods from the domestic delivery place for the customer, organizes the international transportation and distributes the cargo to the address designated by the overseas consignee and provides the door-to-door one-stop cross-border comprehensive logistics services. On the basis of safety, high quality and prompt response, Kunyue Logistics provides the comprehensive services of the cargo flow, document flow, information flow and fund flow during the whole process of the transportation.
      ·   Kunyue Logistics ocean transportation export service covers the international ocean transportation booking, stowage, customs clearance and inspection reporting, warehousing, highway transportation, dynamic conditions of departure, international transfer, domestic and overseas multi-modal transportation, sea-jet-one, concentrated transportation, dangerous goods and special container transportation, and provides the whole-process dynamic information service, the regular ship coverage of which reaches 100% and there are various ship-line products, which meets the different requirement for the delivery cycle and cost of the different customers.
      ·   Kunyue Logistics is able to timely understand the electric data conditions of each container shipping company, obtain the license of the remote bill of lading from the foreign and domestic shipping owners all over the world and has realized the situation of obtaining in the first time the relevant real-time logistics dynamic information sent by the shipping companies in the overseas discharging port or during the transfer.