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    Inland transportation

    In the most secure under the premise of using the most economical program to the goods to the customer's destination.


    Inland transportation

    The fast customs clearance in the main ports and inland China, the bonded business and private goods transportation.
    Domestic highway transportation, short-distance & long-distance transportation, in-city delivery and national breakbulk and whole bulk delivery.
    Concentrated logistics, contractual logistics and value-added processing service (including container arrangement, re-packaging, sorting, distribution, marking & labeling, loading with pallets, film wrapping and so on).
    Export LCL warehouse, bulk cargo in one container export.
    Import domestic trading warehouse, overseas cargo import storage and domestic cargo storage.


    Advantage of Kunyue Logistics highway transportation service
    • ·   Kunyue Logistics owns the rich transportation knowledge and experience on the treatment of the dangerous goods, large & heavy engineering equipment and the special goods that need to be refrigerated.
      ·   Use the most suitable transportation vehicles and provide the most economical transportation lines by means of the deepened corporation with several transportation companies.
      ·   Carry out the whole-process tracking on the bonded transportation, customs clearance and transportation before entering the port by means of connecting to the network of each area.