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    Storage & customs clearance service

    Kunyue Logistics establishes its warehouses in the strategic and important areas
    so as to provide the comprehensive logistics service for the customer’s supplying chain network.


    Warehousing logistics service

    Kunyue Logistics’s own warehouses and the agents’ warehouses are located in the main strategic areas such as Wuxi, Shanghai, Changchun, Hamburg, Tokyo, Los Angeles and New York to provide the comprehensive logistics service for the customers. Each warehouse is equipped with the latest 24-hour real-time monitoring cameras to ensure the safe storage of the goods.
    Kunyue Logistics provides the complete multi-functional warehousing facilities provides the customers with various storage services.
    Kunyue Logistics provides the international import & export cargo and domestic cargo warehousing distribution service.
    Kunyue Logistics provides the customers with the loading, unloading and storage services.
    Kunyue Logistics provides the series of warehousing services such as warehousing, assembling, cleaning, label printing, labeling and packaging as well.

    Kunyue Logistics owns the perfect warehousing management information system of cargo in-out stock and stock query. 


    Advantage of Kunyue Logistics warehousing service
    • ·   Establish the transportation & distribution system and the most optimized transportation & distribution plan to realize the on-time delivery.
      ·   Provide the value-added service of filing, stock report, packaging, labeling and maintenance with the years of logistics experience.
      ·   Provide the product assembly, packaging and labeling services.
      ·   Provide the professional customer logistics project manager.
      ·   Provide the consultation service of logistics design program.
      ·   Develop the storage management system information platform and customer address systematic data sharing service along with Mde4net.
      ·   Provide the customers with the project software solving the whole process of the logistics.
      ·   Actively monitor the whole-process operation of the goods and timely feedback the status of the goods.
      ·   Equip each warehouse with the high-definition rotating camera to monitor the goods information query system in all directions.


    Customs clearance service

    Kunyue Logistics provides the customs clearance service in each phase and the one-stop service through the intimate corporation with the agents all over the world and the air transportation, ocean transportation, highway transportation and warehousing.

    Advantage of Kunyue Logistics customs clearance service
    • ·   Kunyue Logistics has established its own or cooperative customs brokers in the important domestic ports. owning the professional teams for the classification, reporting and inspection of the commodities, Kunyue Logistics is familiar with the customs and Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine policies and regulations, continues with the follow-up, training and the customer consultation service, carries out a smooth communication with the customs and inspection and quarantine department, respects and pays attention to the customer’s requirement on the customs clearance time limit.