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    Project transportation

    Kunyue Logistics’s project team is composed of the experts who are familiar with the local logistics system and own the global project transportation experiences. They are not limited to the service requirement raised by the customers but strive to create the service exceeding the customer’s requirement. 


    Project logistics

    Kunyue Logistics undertakes all kinds of project logistics service, including the whole process “door-to-door” turnkey comprehensive logistics service such as customer requirement analysis, multi-modal transportation logistics program consultation and design, business resource integration and optimization, line and on-site exploration, customs consultation and service, factory pick-up, packaging, congregation, ocean transportation, insurance, loading & unloading and site erection.
    Kunyue Logistics project logistics service, after understanding and analyzing the overall supplying chain requirement of the customer, provide the customer with the customized supplying chain logistics comprehensive solution, including the comprehensive whole process logistics design and service such as the warehouse address selection, warehouse planning, shipping lines, operation design and execution and the customer satisfaction survey.