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    High value-added service

    Besides the core services, we provide various high added-value services as well.

    On the basis of the long-term accumulated on-site experiences, the logistics experts of Kunyue Logistics manages the customers’ goods professionally and thoroughly.


    Logistics consultation

    Kunyue Logistics is market changes and customer demands oriented, according to the requirement of the modern enterprise-customer relationship and the logistics supply chain management, relying on the professional logistics service design and operating capability, Kunyue Logistics continues to study the customers’ development strategies, business processes and logistics requirement and provide the customized and win-win logistics solutions, executes the specific solutions and continues with the upgrading and improvement during the execution.
    Kunyue Logistics utilizes the experiences and core technologies of the national logistics organization and management and provide the customers with the whole set of working processes, positions and work instructions, service management standards and systems for the “Concentrated warehousing & One-stop delivery” solution.
    Kunyue Logistics shall carry out the service satisfaction survey for the suppliers.